Bloom Response24 Bundle

Get help fast with Response24+ the award-winning app (Android and iOS) that brings armed response and medical emergency services right to you when you need it...

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Armed response Wherever You Are

Our tech automatically dispatches an armed response vehicle to your exact location when you feel threatened – even if you can’t talk or don’t know where you are.

Medical Services When You Need Them

Your medical emergency alert triggers an instant reaction from the nearest available ER24 response team.

Notify your friends and family

Let loved ones know about your situation so that they can assist, monitor or support you until response teams reach you.

Find Me

Your GPS co-ordinates will lead all responders directly to you. If you are moved to a medical facility, your friends and family will see and can meet you there.

Seconds Save Lives

Using the Response24 app eliminates unnecessary communication, reducing response times from alert to first responder dispatch by at least 5 minutes.

Real-time Information

From the time an alert is triggered, everyone is kept updated. You, your friends and family and emergency personnel can all see when help has been dispatched in real time.

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Bloom Response24 Bundle

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  • Find support services close to your current location
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